EN ♦ On the road again, ready to explore Austria’s second largest city and former Capital of Culture. After a 3-hour bus ride from Vienna, I finally arrived at the train station in Graz, from where I began the 20-minute walk to the city centre right away (always take the scenic route!) First stop: Volksgarten, a beautiful park wih a small fountain and some ducks quacking, not to mention the drunks and the homeless who added a bit of local color the landscape. A few streets further I stumbled upon the St. Andrä Church which I would’ve easily passed by, weren’t it for the colorful writing on its walls saying “science fiction”, next to an icon of Christ. All the way to the centre the streets were quite empty, but the colourful graffitti on the walls made them more lively. Once I got to the Old Town (part of UNESCO World Heritage List since 1999) I spent the whole day strolling the streets. I particularly liked the Dom, a rare monument of Gothic architecture, the “painted house” completely covered with frescos and the Murinsel.

The next morning I had copious buffet breakfast and one of the best coffees ever at the Sterner bakery in Unterpremstätten, all for only 6€ . At 8 I was already back in Graz, which was a perfect time to take some more photos until the first tourists showed up. I went straight to the Schlossberg, determined to walk up the rock staircase to the Clock Tower (for sloths there’s always the option of the glass lift). It took me a while, a few breaths and breaks to get to the top, but it was definitely worth it! Not necessarily for the panoramic view (terracota-colored rooftops who only let the University of Graz and the use-your-imagination-shaped KunstHaus distinguish among them), but for the surroundings: the Clocktower watching over this resting place with tidy arrays of  flowers. Another feature of Graz is the blend of modern and classical architecture. Time to refresh! I recommend the Café Trailer for a drink in the company of famous actors alligned in a film roll frame.

The exhausting yet lovely day is almost over. What nicer way to end it than watch the sun sinking in the Danube from the main bridge, on which sides hang hundreds of love locks.


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