EN ♦ Brno is really the soul of the Moravia region in the Czech Republic, both physically and culturally/socially. Surprisingly (for me), it’s the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Surprising because, well, it doesn’t seem big at all and I think there aren’t many chance to get lost in there; even you are clumsy enough (like me) to actually get lost, you’ll find someone in the 380,000 people living there to help you out. However, it would be good to have slight knowledge of either Czech or sign language, since English seems to be intimidating. On its 230 kmthere’s place for anything: 3 castles, museums, art galleries, markets, numerous pubs which attract you with renowned Czech beer! And still, I  can’t say about any one of them “Now that’s what I love about this city!”, Brno didn’t catch my eye with something, but rather with the mixture of everyhing! The beautiful landscapes from the top hill, the historical load, the modern and traditional architecture. In sum, Brno gave me the impression of a city aspiring towards the stylish West, while still transmiting a vivid east-european individuality.

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