Books written by autists

There are hundreds of books about ASD and the personality of people on the spectrum, mainly written by psychologists, doctors, scientists, or parents. But the most insightful experiences can only be described by autists themselves. Their compelling accounts, in the form of autobiographies, poems, or fictional stories, reveal creative minds, but also struggles with relationships, growing up, work, and the feeling of being “different”. Each perspective is unique, confirming the saying “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”. Here’s a list of books written by girls/women and boys/men with ASD/Asperger’s. I’ll keep on updating it and if you know any books, please leave a comment. 

Written by girls/women

  1. Marlies Hubner: Verstörungstheorien: die Memoiren einer Autistin, gefunden in der Badewanne (2016)
  2. Denise Linke: Nicht normal, aber das richtig gut: mein wunderbares  Leben mit Autismus und ADHS (2015)
  3. Cynthia Kim: Nerdy, shy, and socially inappropriate; a user guide to an Asperger life (2014)
  4. Daniela Schreiter: Schattenspringer: wie es ist, anders zu sein (2014)
  5. Barb Rentenbach: I might be you (2012)
  6. Dawn Prince-Hughes: Songs of the gorilla nation: an autistic person’s emergence among an ancient people (2004)
  7. Jen Birch: Congratulations! It’s Asperger Syndrome (2003)
  8. Liane Holliday Willey: Asperger Syndrome in adolescence: living with the ups, the downs and things in between (2003?)
  9. Ppinder Hundal:“now you know me think more”: a journey with autism using facilitated communication techniques (2003)
  10. Nita Jackson: Standing down, falling up: Asperger’s Syndrome from the inside out (2002)
  11. Dawn Prince-Hughes: Aquamarine blue 5: personal stories of college students with autism (2002)
  12. Donna Williams: Exposure anxiety – the invisible cage: an exploration of self-protection response in the autism spectrum (2002) 
  13. Jennifer Fan: Cinderella with wrong shoes: poems by a young woman with autism (2001)
  14. Liane Holliday Willey: Asperger Syndrome in the family: redefining normal (2001) 
  15. Wendy Lawson: Understanding and working with the spectrum of autism: an insider’s view (2001)
  16. Clare Sainsbury: Martian in the playground: understanding the schoolchild with Asperger’s syndrome (2000)
  17. Lucy Blackman: Lucy’s story: autism and other adventures (1999)
  18. Liane Holliday Willey: Pretending to be normal: living with Asperger’s syndrome (1999) 
  19. Alison Hale: My world is not your world (1998)
  20. Wendy Lawson: Life behind glass: a personal account of autism spectrum Disorder (1998) 
  21. Jasmine Lee O’Neill: Through the eyes of aliens: a book about autistic people (1998)
  22. Donna Williams: Autism and sensing: the unlost instinct (1998)
  23. Gunila Gerland: A real person: life on the outside (1996) 
  24. Donna Williams: Like color to the blind: soul searching and soul finding (1996) 
  25. Donna Williams: Autism – an inside out approach: an innovative look at the mechanics of ‘autism’ and its developmental ‘cousins’ (1996)
  26. Temple Grandin: Thinking in pictures (1995)
  27. Adriana Rocha: A child of eternity: an extraordinary young girl’s message from the world beyond (1995)
  28. Donna Williams: Not just anything: a collection of thoughts on paper (1995) 
  29. Donna Williams: Somebody somewhere: breaking free from the world of autism (1993) 
  30. Donna Williams: Nobody nowhere: the extraordinary autobiography of an autistic (1992)
  31. Temple Grandin: Emergence: labeled autistic (1986)

Written by boys/men

  1. Naoki Higashida: Fall down seven times, get up eight (2018)
  2. Aleksander Knauerhase: Autismus mal anders (2016)
  3. Raphael Müller: Ich fliege mit zerrissenen Flügeln (2016)
  4. Ian Ford: A field guide to earthlings: an autistic/Asperger view of neurotypical behavior (2010)
  5. Daniel Tammet: Embracing the wide sky: a tour across the horizons of the mind (2009)
  6. Naoki Higashida: The reason I jump (2007)
  7. Daniel Tammet: Born on a blue day (2007)
  8. Edgar Schneider: Living the good life with autism (2003)
  9. Luke Jackson: Freaks, geeks and Asperger syndrome: a user guide to adolescence (2002)
  10. Jerry Newport: Autism – Asperger’s and sexuality: puberty and beyond (2002)
  11. Tomas S. Page: Caught between two worlds: my autistic dilemma (2002)
  12. Chammi Rajapatirana: The vial (2002)
  13. Christopher Slater-Walker: An Asperger marriage (2002) 
  14. William Stillman: Demystifying the autistic experience: a humanistic introduction for parents, caregivers, and educators (2002)
  15. Kenneth Hall: Asperger syndrome, the universe, and everything (2001)
  16. Luke Jackson: A user guide to the GF/CF Diet for autism, Asperger syndrome and AD/HD (2001)
  17. Roger Meyer: Asperger syndrome employment workbook: an employment workbook for adults with Asperger syndrome (2001)
  18. Jerry Newport: Your life is not a label: a guide to living fully with autism and Asperger’s syndrome for parents, professionals and you! (2001) 
  19. Stephen Shore: Beyond the wall: personal experiences with autism and Asperger syndrome (2001)
  20. John Brine: Confusion, loneliness, depression: Asperger’s syndrome – a journey (2000)
  21. Tito R. Mukhopadhyay: Beyond the silence: my life, the world and autism (2000)
  22. Charles Martel Hale, Jr.: I had no means to shout! (1999)
  23. Desmond Meldrum: The Asperger experience (1999)
  24. David Miedzianik: Now all I’ve got left is myself (1996)
  25. David Miedzianik: Taking the load off my mind (1996)
  26. Desmond Meldrum: Coping with Asperger syndrome (1997)
  27. Marc Segar: Coping: A survival guide for people with Asperger syndrome (1997)
  28. Thomas A. McKean: Light on the horizon: a deeper view inside the autism puzzle (1996)
  29. Thomas A. McKean: Soon will come the light: a view from inside the autism puzzle (1994)
  30. Desmond Meldrum: Growing up with Asperger syndrome (1994)
  31. Birger Sellin: Ich will kein Inmich mehr sein. Botschaften aus einem autistischen Kerker (1993)
  32. Stephen Wiltshire: Stephen Wiltshire’s American dream (1993)
  33. Sean Barron: There’s a boy in here (1992) 
  34. Stephen Wiltshire: Floating cities (1991) 
  35. David Eastham: Forever friends (1990) 
  36. David Miedzianik: My autobiography (1986)

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