12 tech books to read in 2021

For the sixth year in a row, I’m taking on the Goodreads Reading Challenge and aim to read 36 books. Of these, 12 are related to tech, because as a data scientist/programmer, I believe it’s important to read and keep up with the research in this fast-paced industry. So here are the 12 books on my reading list, carefully selected for each month:

JANUARY – start the year by learning how to get AI (and your life) under control
FEBRUARY – get over Valentine’s Day with a book about the lovely applications of AI
MARCH – read this on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21st)
APRIL – stay healthy and read this book on the International Health Day (7th)
MAY – celebrate Labour Day by reading about the future job market influenced by AI
JUNE – a book to reflect on your humanness amidst the tech surrounding you
JULY – get work done and learn about the value of AI for business
AUGUST – learn how technologies reinforce White supremacy and social inequity
SEPTEMBER – optimize your life by applying algorithms to everyday tasks
OCTOBER – work on your trust issued by reading about safe(r) AI applications
NOVEMBER – demand responsibility and fairness from tech companies and apps
DECEMBER – make a highlight of this inside story about that app you’re addicted to

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