I'm a technical writer with a background in data science, linguistics and translation, based in Berlin.

Professionally, I combine these skills into writing documentation and educational content for workflow automation and DevOps software, and deriving insights from web traffic data. I'm enthusiastic about open-source projects and tech startups, and anything AI-related.

Academically, I'm interested in neuro-/psycholinguistics (for example, what goes on in the brain of an interpreter, or the semantics of emotion verbs), natural language processing (emotion recognition, machine translation), and possible worlds semantics. I still find myself pondering on these topics, and dream of documenting an endangered language one day.

When I'm away from my laptop, I'm most likely on the yoga mat, in the kendo dojo, or exploring the great outdoors.


08/2022______________Technical Writer @ GitLab

03/2021__07/2022Technical Writer @ n8n

05/2020__01/2021Marketing Coordinator @ Women in Data

01/2020__04/2020Data Science & Analytics @ mymoria

06/2018__12/2019Post-production & Data Analyst @ nexpics

10/2014__08/2019Romanian Language Coordinator & Translator @ TED Talks

02/2015__06/2015Program Assistant @ Inquietudo Film Festival

05/2014__10/2014Production Assistant @ Let's CEE Film Festival


10/2020__12/2020Data Science Bootcamp @ SPICED Academy

10/2016__07/2020M.A. Linguistics (student) @ Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

08/2017Internship in the research project CLAP @ Universität Wien

10/2012__08/2016B.A. Transcultural Communication @ Universität Wien


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Fear and loathing in Romanian: A study on the syntax and semantics of psych-verbs @ 5th Linguistik Meetup Berlin-Potsdam in Potsdam

'Autistic' as figure of speech in Austrian newspapers @ 8th ULAB Conference in Edinburgh

What is going on in the brain of an interpreter? @ 2nd Conference for Student Research in Berlin

The impairment of concrete and abstract words in semantic dementia @ 4th Linguistik Meetup Berlin-Potsdam in Berlin


Romanian • English • GermanFrench • Spanish • Portuguese • Turkish • Japanese