Buchrezension: “Terror” von Bernd Schmidt

Titel: Terror - Das Recht braucht eine BühneAutor: Bernd Schmidt (Hrsgb.)Verlag: btbErscheinungsdatum: 12. Oktober 2020Seitenanzahl: 192ISBN: 3442719593Buch kaufen Bewertung: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑 Danke an Random House Bloggerportal und btb Verlag für die freundliche Bereitstellung dieses Rezensionsexemplars! Das berühmte Theaterstück Terror von Ferdinand von Schirach hat mich nachhaltig beeindruckt. Darin handelt sich um den Prozess gegen einem Kampfpilot,... Continue Reading →

February books

February was a busy month for me and I feel like time flew by so fast! Nevertheless, I managed to read 7 books. This might not seem like a lot compared to 14 books I read in January, but that's because one of the books had over 1300 pages, and February was a more active... Continue Reading →

Exploratory analysis of endangered languages with pandas

On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day (21st February), I wrote an essay (in French) about the importance of preserving endangered languages and I thought of pairing that with a data science challenge. In this simple project, I analysed and visualised the global distribution of language families and dialects. Topic: Exploratory Data Analysis... Continue Reading →

Buchrezension: “99 Nächte in Logar” von Jamil Jan Kochai

Titel: 99 Nächte in LogarAutor: Jamil Jan KochaiVerlag: btbErschienen: Februar 2021Seitenanzahl: 320ISBN: 978-3-442-77045-8 Bewertung: 🌕🌕🌕🌑🌑 Danke an Random House Bloggerportal und btb Verlag für die freundliche Bereitstellung dieses Rezensionsexemplars! Nach Portugal bin ich in diesem Monat nach Afghanistan gereist, durch das Debütroman von Jamil Jan Kochai. Der Autor wurde in einem afghanischen Flüchtlingscamp in Pakistan... Continue Reading →

Pourquoi est-il important de protéger les langues en danger

À l'occassion de la Journée internationale de la langue maternelle (21 février), j'ai écrit un essay pour attirer l'attention sur la diversité linguistique et l'importance de préserver les langues maternelles de chacun(e). Il y a 7102 langues humaines reconnues dans le monde. C'est une richesse linguistique et culturelle extraordinaire, mais elle est toutefois ménacée, car... Continue Reading →

Buchrezension: “Die Mauern von Porto” von Mario Lima

Titel: Die Mauern von Porto. Ein Fall für Inspektor Fonseca #3Autor: Mario LimaVerlag: Heyne TaschenbuchErscheinungsdatum: 8. Februar 2021Seitenanzahl: 368ISBN: 978-3-453-44113-2Buch kaufen Bewertung: 🌕🌕🌕🌕🌑 Danke an Random House Bloggerportal und Heyne Verlag für die freundliche Bereitstellung dieses Rezensionsexemplars! Somit konnte ich auf eine spannende Reise durch Porto gehen und einen neuen Autor entdecken. Mario Lima ist... Continue Reading →

Regression Challenge for Kaggle Playground

At the beginning of the new year 2021, Kaggle created a new format of competitions aimed at beginners. On the 1st of each month, a month-long Playground competition is launched, where you can practice your ML skills on simple tabular datasets. Apart from competitive experience, the top 3 teams get to win some Kaggle merchandise!... Continue Reading →

January books

For the sixth year in a row, I'm taking on the Goodreads Reading Challenge. My goal for 2021 is to read at least 36 books, of which 12 related to tech. January is usually my most productive reading month, since there's not much going on, while things are slowly getting back on track after the... Continue Reading →

12 tech books to read in 2021

As part of my reading challenge for 2021, I aim to read 12 books related to tech, because as a data scientist/programmer, I believe it's important to read and keep up with the research in this fast-paced industry. So here are the 12 books on my reading list, thoughtfully selected for each month: JANUARY... Continue Reading →

My year in code – 2020 review

2020 has definitely been an objectively crappy year... But in terms of programming experience, this year has been by far my most productive and enriching! It was my third year of coding, and second year of doing for work. I've learned a lot on the job and through self-study, developed my Python skills and even... Continue Reading →

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