Book Club

In January 2021, I created the Data Book Club on goodreads, a group open to anyone interested in books related to AI, data, and tech with a social impact. We read and discuss books in the community forum, vote for the book of the month, and suggest new titles for the reading list.

Why an online book club?

  • It’s accessible to anyone in the world, not restricted to a location or time zone. This was my main motivation for creating this group, because I believe it is extremely valuable to be exposed to ideas beyond our close environment, look at things from different perspectives and challenge our world view.
  • You can share your thoughts at any time, without having to wait for a meeting date. Just write in the forum when you start reading a book, if you find an interesting idea or your opinion changes while reading, or if you find some other resources (articles, podcasts etc.) related to the topic.
  • It’s easy to organize, since anyone can join, vote in the group polls, and communicate in the forum anytime.

How does it work?

  • Join the group here.
  • Introduce yourself here, chances are you’ll meet other with similar interests or experiences.
  • Vote for the book of the month in the polls.
  • Share your thoughts on a book in the respective channel, at any point in the reading process.
  • Add new books to our reading list.
  • Start a new discussion topic.

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