4 tips for a good data science portfolio

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a data scientist in possession of a good portfolio must be in want of a job. A curated selection of your projects is the best way to showcase your work, interests, and thinking to potential employers. From my experience and discussions with colleagues, I found four aspects that... Continue Reading →

WAD Live Week – on the pitfalls of Deep Learning

We Are Developers is the world’s largest conference for software development. It’s a great opportunity for software engineers to connect with tech companies and learn about interesting advances in technology. This year, it was supposed to take place in Berlin, but due to COVID-19, it was moved online for a Live Week (25-29 May) of... Continue Reading →

Women in Data – Berlin Chapter kick-off

Women in Data is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing diversity in data-related careers. To this goal, they organize networking events, talks on data science topics and career advice, and a residency program for aspiring data scientists with partner companies like IBM and KPMG. WiD was founded in 2015 in Sacramento, California, and has since... Continue Reading →

Data Science books to read during lockdown

If you're reading this post around its publishing date in April 2020, chances are you're at home, responsibly isolating yourself amid COVID-19 curfews around the world. What a better time than now to read actual books on data-related topics, that you've been postponing for too long in favor of short articles... To give you some... Continue Reading →

DataLingo is now on Instagram!

Yes, I just took my data science enthusiasm to a whole new level. I created the Instagram account datalingo, where I rhapsodize about data science, visualizations, Python libraries, and my love for ThinkPads and Pop!OS.But beside sharing my knowledge and learning progress, I aim to connect with data enthusiasts around the world and to raise... Continue Reading →

Zum Weltbuchtag 2020: Sterben deutsche Bibliotheken aus?

Am 23. April 2020 feiern alle Bücherwürmer den Welttag des Buches! Letztes Jahr habe ich zu diesem Anlass eine Infografik zum Stand der Buchproduktion in Österreich erstellt. Dieses Jahr liegt mein Fokus auf der Situation der Bibliotheken in Deutschland. Auf der Webseite des Statistischen Bundesamtes habe ich Daten zu Haupt- und Zweigstellen der Bibliotheken in... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019

As the year is almost over, it’s time to review my one and only resolution that I've been sticking to for the past four years: the Goodreads Reading Challenge. For 2019 I set quite a reasonable goal of reading 24 books, an average of two per month. To combine my love for literature and data... Continue Reading →

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