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Conference Languages of Trauma

The conference "Languages of trauma", which took place between 25-26 November in Berlin, brought together scholars of cultural/film/media studies to discuss about the body/psyche, historiography, traumatology, and visual media - and everything in between. Here I will talk only about two of the seven talks, which made a bigger impression on me - namely on the… Continue reading Conference Languages of Trauma

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Ostermarkt Schönbrunn

EN ♦ The renowned viennese Easter Market is a burst of color in the otherwise solemn surroundings of the Schönbrunn Palace! The huts offer various seasonal goodies, from Easter decorations to culinary delights. There's even a workshop of painting Easter eggs, where kids can unleash their creativity 🙂 FR ♦ Le renomé marché de Pâques à Vienne est un éclat des… Continue reading Ostermarkt Schönbrunn

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Alexander Rodchenko @ Westlicht

EN ♦ The Russian photographer, graphic designer and sculptor left his mark on the artistic world of the first half of the 20th century, mostly by establishing the scene for constructivism and design in Russia. Rodchenko emerged shortly after the Russian Revolution with a dazzling photography style: socially engaged, formally innovative, and opposed to a painterly aesthetic.… Continue reading Alexander Rodchenko @ Westlicht