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11th Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam

Last Saturday 18th November I attended again the Autumn Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam, in a wonderful new location Am Neuen Palais. The theme of this edition was "Diagnosis and treatment of dysphonia" (also known as hoarseness), a condition of the vocal chords or the larynx which makes the voice sound breathy, strained, raspy, or… Continue reading 11th Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam

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ExpoLingua in Berlin

Today I attended the long-awaited international fair for languages and cultures ExpoLingua in Berlin. It's a must event for anyone interested in language learning and teaching, because for two days (17-18 November) it brings 150+ exhibitors (language schools, travel operators, cultural institutes, publishing houses, translators, associations) from 30+ countries and offers workshops, presentations, crash-courses in different languages,… Continue reading ExpoLingua in Berlin

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Books written by autists

There are hundreds of books about ASD and the personality of people on the spectrum, mainly written by psychologists, doctors, scientists, or parents. But the most insightful experiences can only be described by autists themselves. Their compelling accounts, in the form of autobiographies, poems, or fictional stories, reveal creative minds, but also struggles with relationships,… Continue reading Books written by autists

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My poster @ 2nd Conference for Student Research in Berlin

I am typing this post from a coffee shop around Humboldt University of Berlin, sipping the fifth coffee today and leafing through my notes from the 2nd Conference for Student Research (Forschung Vermitteln-Communicating Research). In the past two days (21-22.9.2017) I've attended 16 out of 80 talks and 52 posters of (under)graduate students from all over the world.… Continue reading My poster @ 2nd Conference for Student Research in Berlin

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My talk @ 4. Linguistik Meetup in Berlin

It's a hot morning on August 4th in Berlin, summer holidays are already on... But at the Institute of German Language and Linguistics of Humboldt Uni there's much ado about something: the 4th Linguistics Meetup Berlin-Potsdam! This is an annual event intended to bring together BA/MA/PhD students of Linguistics from Humboldt-, Free-, Technical Universities of… Continue reading My talk @ 4. Linguistik Meetup in Berlin

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10th Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam

Waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday, dressing up to step out in a freezing morning of November, grabbing quickly a double espresso and hopping on a train... only motivated to attend the 10. Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik, an annual event about research on neurology, methods, and therapy of various speech-language impairments (e.g., dyslexia, aphasia, dysphagia, specific language… Continue reading 10th Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam


„Cvasi-autism” în orfelinate din România

Charles Nelson este profesor de pediatrie si neuroștiinte la Harvard Medical School și director de cercetare la Boston Children’s Hospital’s Developmental Medicine Center. A investigat autismul. El consideră că dintre numeroșii factori de risc implicați în TSA, cel mai intrigant este deprivarea psihosocială în copilărie, adică lipsa îngrijirii și a atenției asupra copilului, care des întâlnită în special… Continue reading „Cvasi-autism” în orfelinate din România