Weltbuchtag 2020: Sterben deutsche Bibliotheken aus?

Am 23. April 2020 feiern alle Bücherwürmer den Welttag des Buches! Letztes Jahr habe ich zu diesem Anlass eine Infografik zum Stand der Buchproduktion in Österreich erstellt. Dieses Jahr liegt mein Fokus auf der Situation der Bibliotheken in Deutschland. Auf der Webseite des Statistischen Bundesamtes habe ich Daten zu Haupt- und Zweigstellen der Bibliotheken in... Continue Reading →

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2019

As the year is almost over, it’s time to review my one and only resolution that I've been sticking to for the past four years: the Goodreads Reading Challenge. For 2019 I set quite a reasonable goal of reading 24 books, an average of two per month. To combine my love for literature and data... Continue Reading →

Insights from my 6 years of data on goodreads

Goodreads is an amazing platform for tracking and organizing your reading, discovering new books, and sharing reviews or recommandations with friends. I downloaded my library (from My Books > Tools > Import and Export > Export Library), which included the book titles, authors' names, publishing year, number of pages, the average book rating on goodreads... Continue Reading →

Books written by autists

There are hundreds of books about ASD and the personality of people on the spectrum, mainly written by psychologists, doctors, scientists, or parents. But the most insightful experiences can only be described by autists themselves. Their compelling accounts, in the form of autobiographies, poems, or fictional stories, reveal creative minds, but also struggles with relationships,... Continue Reading →

Xenolinguistics by D.R.Slattery

In Xenolinguistics, Diana Reed Slattery mixes research on language, psychedelics, and consciousness in a trippy cocktail which will warp your mind like the characters of Glide, the symbolic language she "downloaded" in an altered state of consciousness. Among the topics discussed in the book are psychonautic practices, the concept of reality and extended perception, neurophenomenology, (un)natural languages, and their... Continue Reading →

Cum să fii pseudo-intelectual în 5 pași

În societatea contemporană, intelectualii sunt o specie pe cale de dispariție. În schimb, pseudointelectualii apar ca ciupercile după ploaie și totuși se bucură de respect și credibilitate în societate. Așadar, dacă ai aspirații de intelectual, dar nu și resurse, iată 5 pași simpli care te conduc spre statutul de pseudo-intelectual: 1. Citește presa internațională. Ca... Continue Reading →


Wenn ich zurückblicke, glaube ich, dass meine Eltern in mir die Leidenschaft für das Lesen schon in der Kindheit geweckt haben. Mein Vater las mir jede Nacht Gutenachtgeschichten vor, und meine Mutter versorgte mich mit einem Bücherstapel. Im Laufe der Zeit bin ich die meisten Literaturgattungen durchgegangen: beginnend mit Grimms Märchen, weiter zu Isaac Asimovs... Continue Reading →

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