How to scrape IMDb with R

Web scraping is a method of automatically gathering data from websites in a structured manner and storing it into a local database or spreadsheet. Why would you do this? Because you're lazy. Or because it's really impossible to copy-paste all the data you need from the website. Some popular use-cases of web scraping are price... Continue Reading →

Conference Languages of Trauma

The conference "Languages of trauma", which took place between 25-26 November in Berlin, brought together scholars of cultural/film/media studies to discuss about the body/psyche, historiography, traumatology, and visual media - and everything in between. Here I will talk only about two of the seven talks, which made a bigger impression on me - namely on the... Continue Reading →

Film review: Tales on blindness

I‘m currently working as a programme assistant for Inquietudo, a new film festival dedicated to the lusophone world that will take place in TopKino Vienna between 26-31 May 2015. One of the best parts of my work is watching the submitted films and discussing them with the team. A few days ago I watched Contos sobre... Continue Reading →

Critique de film: LEGO

Je viens de voir le film LEGO, après une longue atteinte impatiente; je suis sortie de la salle de cinéma avec une impression mitigée. Même s'il est annoncé comme un film d'animation destiné au divertissement des enfants, je crois que, de toute évidence, il porte des connotations plus sérieuses. À la surface, les régisseurs américains... Continue Reading →

Filmkritik: Die sechste Jahreszeit

Jan Soldat / 2015 / Deutschland / 37 Min. Gewalt. Sex. Nacktheit. Scham. Unterwerfung. Dominanz. Tabus. All das, vor dem dich deine Eltern gewarnt haben; was du nicht sehen willst; worüber du nicht sprechen darfst. Jan Soldat zeigt es. Unverhüllt, kurz und bündig. Der deutsche Regisseur taucht ein in die sexuelle Unterwelt, um tabuisierte Phantasien... Continue Reading →

An evening with Ulrich Seidl

EN Ulrich Seidl on film, photography and how to regard them The Gallery Bawag PSK Contemporary hosts from April 18th until May 26th the photography exhibition Paradise: Love / Faith / Hope, a series of extracts from the homonymous film directed by Ulrich Seidl. The Austrian director, screenwriter and producer, along with the photographer /... Continue Reading →

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