Podcasts about Linguistics

If you're studying linguistics and can't get enough of it at the uni, or if you simply want to learn something (useful) about language(s) while commuting/ cooking/ cleaning/ working out, these are the podcasts you should listen to:  Talk the Talk discusses all things linguistics, from computer-made jokes to feral children and animal syntax! That's what they... Continue Reading →

My talk @ 4. Linguistik Meetup in Berlin

It's a hot morning on August 4th in Berlin, summer holidays are already on... But at the Institute of German Language and Linguistics of Humboldt Uni there's much ado about something: the 4th Linguistics Meetup Berlin-Potsdam! This is an annual event intended to bring together BA/MA/PhD students of Linguistics from Humboldt-, Free-, Technical Universities of... Continue Reading →

10th Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam

Waking up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday, dressing up to step out in a freezing morning of November, grabbing quickly a double espresso and hopping on a train... only motivated to attend the 10. Herbsttreffen Patholinguistik, an annual event about research on neurology, methods, and therapy of various speech-language impairments (e.g., dyslexia, aphasia, dysphagia, specific language... Continue Reading →

Xenolinguistics by D.R.Slattery

In Xenolinguistics, Diana Reed Slattery mixes research on language, psychedelics, and consciousness in a trippy cocktail which will warp your mind like the characters of Glide, the symbolic language she "downloaded" in an altered state of consciousness. Among the topics discussed in the book are psychonautic practices, the concept of reality and extended perception, neurophenomenology, (un)natural languages, and their... Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned about bilingualism in 2016

Nowadays the majority of the world's population is bilingual/multilingual, mainly due to English as lingua-franca and international policies on foreign language education. In the past year many researchers have been investigating the cognitive aspects of foreign language learning and bilingualism, and here are some of their discoveries. Learning a foreign language is known to be an... Continue Reading →

Conference Languages of Trauma

The conference "Languages of trauma", which took place between 25-26 November in Berlin, brought together scholars of cultural/film/media studies to discuss about the body/psyche, historiography, traumatology, and visual media - and everything in between. Here I will talk only about two of the seven talks, which made a bigger impression on me - namely on the... Continue Reading →

Plaidoyer pour l’écriture manuscrite

La suppression de l'apprentissage de l'écriture manuscrite dans les écoles en Finlande a déclanché un débat animé dans l'Europe entière. Il est évident que depuis l'utilisation de l'ordinateur, l'écriture cursive disparaît peu à peu au profit des claviers. Mais devons-nous capituler face à la technologie et demander aux enfants de refermer les cahiers et ouvrir... Continue Reading →

Utrecht Summer School ’14

Summer holidays are usually a time for travelling, relaxing on a beach, and partying day and night. That may sound fun for a while, but all play and no work makes me a dull girl. I need to keep my brain electrified and I like learning continuously. So I applied to Utrecht Summer School for a course... Continue Reading →

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