Utrecht Summer School ’14

Summer holidays are usually a time for travelling, relaxing on a beach, and partying day and night. That may sound fun for a while, but all play and no work makes me a dull girl. I need to keep my brain electrified and I like learning continuously. So I applied to Utrecht Summer School for a course... Continue Reading →


The 3-day getaway to Mallorca has been my best trip ever! In the past years the Balearic Islands made it to the top of all the travel lists, mainly as party destinations (see Ibiza fever), as well as cheap summer breaks for the (mainly German/French) elders. The capital Palma may be the most popular landing-place, but I guarantee that... Continue Reading →

Ostermarkt Schönbrunn

EN ♦ The renowned viennese Easter Market is a burst of color in the otherwise solemn surroundings of the Schönbrunn Palace! The huts offer various seasonal goodies, from Easter decorations to culinary delights. There's even a workshop of painting Easter eggs, where kids can unleash their creativity 🙂 FR ♦ Le renomé marché de Pâques à Vienne est un éclat des... Continue Reading →


EN ♦ Brno is really the soul of the Moravia region in the Czech Republic, both physically and culturally/socially. Surprisingly (for me), it's the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Surprising because, well, it doesn't seem big at all and I think there aren't many chance to get lost in there; even you are clumsy enough (like me)... Continue Reading →

Lainzer Tiergarten & Hermesvilla

EN ♦ What to do on a warm Saturday in spring? Go on a hike to get some fresh air, exercise, visit a museum? All of them! If you're lucky to live in Vienna, you get the full package for a lovely day. The starting point is the Lainzer Tiergarten, a 24.50 km² wildlife park which houses... Continue Reading →

Funkenfest am Himmel

EN ♦ The so-called sparkling fire (Funkenfeuer) is a pagan cult which has been preserved as a tradition in Swabian-Alemannic regions, in eastern France and in the Swabian community in Satu Mare (Romania). It is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday (the first Sunday of Lent) or, more recently in some regions, on the... Continue Reading →

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