Art of Akume @ Crush XV


This weekend, 29th to 30th of March, Crush XV hosted the exhibition of my favorite artist: Akume. He exhibited four of his sculptures: The dull flame of desire, Stabat mater, Rex tremendae, and Twisted muse.  [Read More]
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Web-scraping IMDb with R


Web scraping is a method of automatically gathering data from websites in a structured manner and storing it into a local database or spreadsheet. Why would you do this? Because you’re lazy. Or because it’s really impossible to copy-paste all the data you need from the website. Some popular use-cases of... [Read More]

Learnings from the 11th Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam


Last Saturday 18th November I attended again the Autumn Meeting of Patholinguistics in Potsdam, in a wonderful new location Am Neuen Palais. The theme of this edition was “Diagnosis and treatment of dysphonia” (also known as hoarseness), a condition of the vocal chords or the larynx which makes the voice sound breathy, strained, raspy, or lower in volume or... [Read More]