Xenolinguistics by D.R. Slattery

Book review

In Xenolinguistics, Diana Reed Slattery mixes research on language, psychedelics, and consciousness in a trippy cocktail which will warp your mind like the characters of Glide, the symbolic language she “downloaded” in an altered state of consciousness. Among the topics discussed in the book are psychonautic practices, the concept of... [Read More]

Research findings about bilingualism in 2016

Literature review

Nowadays the majority of the world’s population is bilingual/multilingual, mainly due to English as lingua-franca and international policies on foreign language education. In the past year many researchers have been investigating the cognitive aspects of foreign language learning and bilingualism, and here are some of their discoveries. [Read More]
Tags: linguistics

Learning about languages of trauma


The conference Languages of trauma, which took place between 25-26 November in Berlin, brought together scholars of cultural/film/media studies to discuss about the body/psyche, historiography, traumatology, and visual media – and everything in between. Here I will talk only about two of the seven talks, which made a bigger impression on... [Read More]

Plaidoyer pour l’écriture manuscrite


La suppression de l’apprentissage de l’écriture manuscrite dans les écoles en Finlande a déclanché un débat animé dans l’Europe entière. Il est évident que depuis l’utilisation de l’ordinateur, l’écriture cursive disparaît peu à peu au profit des claviers. Mais devons-nous capituler face à la technologie et demander aux enfants de... [Read More]

Alexander Rodchenko @ Westlicht Wien

Photo exhibition

🇬🇧 The Russian photographer, graphic designer and sculptor left his mark on the artistic world of the first half of the 20th century, mostly by establishing the scene for constructivism and design in Russia. Rodchenko emerged shortly after the Russian Revolution with a dazzling photography style: socially engaged, formally innovative,... [Read More]