Funkenfest am Himmel

EN ♦ The so-called sparkling fire (Funkenfeuer) is a pagan cult which has been preserved as a tradition in Swabian-Alemannic regions, in eastern France and in the Swabian community in Satu Mare (Romania). It is celebrated every year, on the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday (the first Sunday of Lent) or, more recently in some regions, on the... Continue Reading →


EN ♦ November started good! On this sunny day I went to Kahlenberg, a small mountain (484 m) located in the 19th district of Vienna. From the peak you get a really nice view over the city. There are two terraces where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the surroundings. Although it was... Continue Reading →


EN ♦ On the road again, ready to explore Austria's second largest city and former Capital of Culture. After a 3-hour bus ride from Vienna, I finally arrived at the train station in Graz, from where I began the 20-minute walk to the city centre right away (always take the scenic route!) First stop: Volksgarten, a beautiful... Continue Reading →


EN ♦ I just can't get enough of this town! Located in Niederösterreich along the Danube, it's best known for the Melk Abbey, the Benedictine monastery atop the hill. Though visiting churches is the last to-do point on my list when in a new city, I took the tour of the Abbey during my second visit in Melk.... Continue Reading →

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