Sura Dacilor

The past is covered in snow, time is suspended, history is frozen, our ancestors breathe in fresh air, and every detail whispers secrets of the Dacians - a visual story narrated by Sura Dacilor, in Poiana Brasov (Romania).


"Life can't be all that bad. Whatever happens, I can always take a long walk along the Bosphorus." (Orhan Pamuk - Istanbul: Memories and the City)


“When you love a city and have explored it frequently on foot, your body, not to mention your soul, gets to know the streets so well after a number of years that in a fit of melancholy, perhaps stirred by a light snow falling ever so sorrowfully, you'll discover your legs carrying you of their... Continue Reading →


The 3-day getaway to Mallorca has been my best trip ever! In the past years the Balearic Islands made it to the top of all the travel lists, mainly as party destinations (see Ibiza fever), as well as cheap summer breaks for the (mainly German/French) elders. The capital Palma may be the most popular landing-place, but I guarantee that... Continue Reading →

Palombara Sabina

EN ♦ For when you want to be "far from the madding crowd": Palombara is the place! During my stay in Rome, at some point I felt like getting away from the busy capital city, so I moved 30 km to the northeast, but still in the Province of Rome. Though at first sight this town may... Continue Reading →


EN ♦ On the road again, ready to explore Austria's second largest city and former Capital of Culture. After a 3-hour bus ride from Vienna, I finally arrived at the train station in Graz, from where I began the 20-minute walk to the city centre right away (always take the scenic route!) First stop: Volksgarten, a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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