ExpoLingua in Berlin

Today I attended the long-awaited international fair for languages and cultures ExpoLingua in Berlin. It's a must event for anyone interested in language learning and teaching, because for two days (17-18 November) it brings 150+ exhibitors (language schools, travel operators, cultural institutes, publishing houses, translators, associations) from 30+ countries and offers workshops, presentations, crash-courses in different languages,... Continue Reading →

Effects of anesthesia on language

Imagine you go for a nap, only to wake up speaking in a foreign language! In 1987, a Turkish patient established in the USA for many years unerwent a surgery, after which he expressed himself by writing  or speaking in English (Akpek et al., 2002). But 24–28 hours later, he suddenly switched back to speaking... Continue Reading →

What I’ve learned about bilingualism in 2016

Nowadays the majority of the world's population is bilingual/multilingual, mainly due to English as lingua-franca and international policies on foreign language education. In the past year many researchers have been investigating the cognitive aspects of foreign language learning and bilingualism, and here are some of their discoveries. Learning a foreign language is known to be an... Continue Reading →

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