My year in code – 2020 review

2020 has definitely been an objectively crappy year... But in terms of programming experience, this year has been by far my most productive and enriching! It was my third year of coding, and second year of doing for work. I've learned a lot on the job and through self-study, developed my Python skills and even... Continue Reading →

Week 4/12 #DataScienceBootcamp

Week 4 (19.10.-23.10.) Topic: Text ClassificationLessons: Web Scraping, Regular Expression, HTML Parsing, Language Models, Class Imbalance, Bag-of-Words, Naive Bayes, Python Functions, Command Line InterfaceDataset: Self web-scraped song lyricsProject: Predict the artist from song lyrics.Code: GitHub I was super excited about this week, because it was about language models and first steps into NLP, my favorite... Continue Reading →

Week 3/12 #DataScienceBootcamp

Week 3 (12.10.-16.10.) Topic: Machine Learning - RegressionLessons: Linear Regression, Feature Expansion, Gradient Descent, Regularization, Feature Selection, Hyperparameter Optimization, Gradient Boosting, Debugging.Dataset: Capital BikeshareProject: Predict demand for bicycle rentals at any given hour, based on time- and weather-related features (and submit the predictions in the kaggle competition).Code: GitHub I really enjoyed this week's project for... Continue Reading →

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