EN ♦ Behave yourself, Pope Francis is watching you: from postcards and cups, magnets and T-shirts... DE ♦ Benehmen Sie sich, Papst Franziskus beobachtet Sie: von den Postkarten und Tassen, Magneten und T-Shirts... FR ♦ Comportez-vous, le pap Francis vous regarde: des cartes postales et tasses, aimants et tee-shirts ... RO ♦ Comportati-vã bine, Papa Franciscus va priveste:... Continue Reading →

Palombara Sabina

EN ♦ For when you want to be "far from the madding crowd": Palombara is the place! During my stay in Rome, at some point I felt like getting away from the busy capital city, so I moved 30 km to the northeast, but still in the Province of Rome. Though at first sight this town may... Continue Reading →


EN ♦ On the road again, ready to explore Austria's second largest city and former Capital of Culture. After a 3-hour bus ride from Vienna, I finally arrived at the train station in Graz, from where I began the 20-minute walk to the city centre right away (always take the scenic route!) First stop: Volksgarten, a beautiful... Continue Reading →

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