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  • Fear and loathing in Romanian: A study on the syntax and semantics of psych-verbs. Poster at the 5th Linguistik Meetup Berlin-Potsdam in Potsdam, 01.08.2018.
  • 'Autistic' as figure of speech in Austrian newspapers. Talk at the 8th ULAB Conference in Edinburgh, 09-11.04.2018.
  • What is going on in the brain of an interpreter? Poster at the 2nd Conference for Student Research in Berlin, 21-22.09.2017.
  • The impairment of concrete and abstract words in semantic dementia. Talk at the 4th Linguistik Meetup Berlin-Potsdam in Berlin, 04.08.2017.



  • Artwork photography for Art of Akume, since 2019
  • Project Embodied Visions, since 2018
  • Solo exhibition Eurotrip at Okian bookstore (Brașov), February 2012.
  • Group exhibition Paragliding at MyPlace Mall (Brașov), July-September 2010.
  • Group exhibition Brașov through my lens at Centrul Cultural Reduta (Brașov), April 2010.