Data Science

During my studies in Translation and Linguistics, I became particularly interested in machine translation and text/speech analysis. I started learning Python and R for Natural Language Processing and was immediately captivated by its many applications in diverse fields. My main interests are in machine translation, chatbots, and emotion detection.

I’ve also worked as a data analyst in online marketing and enjoyed finding creative ways to automate boring tasks and apply machine learning methods for different business goals.

You can find some of my projects on GitHub.


I believe in the power of connecting with people and helping each other to grow. That’s why I share my journey into data science and connect with data enthusiasts around the world on my Instagram account datalingo.

I am also volunteering as Marketing Coordinator for Women in Data – Berlin Chapter to increase diversity in the tech industry and to empower girls and women in data-related professions.


  • Data Analysis: Python (pandas, numpy), R (tidyverse), Julia, SPSS
  • Data Visualization: Python (matplotlib, seaborn), R (ggplot), Tableau, DataStudio
  • NLP: Python (NLTK, TextBlob, SpaCy, BeautifulSoup), R (rvest)
  • Machine Learning: scikit-learn, Keras, Tensorflow
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, BigQuery
  • VCS: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket


Data Analysis & Visualization

Natural Language Processing

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