From 2008 to 2010 I studied photography at the Art School Tiberiu Brediceanu in Brasov (Romania) and it has been my main hobby ever since.


  • Eurotrip in Okian bookstore (Brașov), February 2012.
  • Paragliding in MyPlace mall (Brașov), July-September 2010.
  • Brașov through my lens in Centrul Cultural Reduta (Brașov), April 2010.


I worked briefly as an event photographer for ActiLingua Academy and Inquietudo Film Festival in Vienna (Austria).

My interest in visual storytelling led me to attend a workshop on Videojournalism at Okto in Vienna.


In 2018, I started the project Embodied Visions, about intimacy and the human body, which I look forward to exhibiting one day!

Around the same time, I started working together with the mixed-media artist Akume to photograph his amazing sculptures.

You can see more of my photographs here.


If you need professional photo shootings for sculptures or handmade artwork, I’d love to collaborate – just write me a message.

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