In 2008-10 I studied photography at the Art School Tiberiu Brediceanu in Brasov (Romania) and it has been my main hobby ever since.

I showcased my artwork in three photography exhibitions:

  • Eurotrip in Okian bookstore (Brașov), February 2012.
  • Paragliding in MyPlace mall (Brașov), July-September 2010.
  • Brașov through my lens in Centrul Cultural Reduta (Brașov), April 2010.

I worked briefly as an event photographer for ActiLingua Academy and Inquietudo Film Festival in Vienna (Austria).

My interest in visual storytelling led me to attend a workshop on Videojournalism at Okto in Vienna.

In 2018, I started the project Embodied Visions, about intimacy and the human body, which I look forward to exhibiting one day!

You can see more of my photographs here.

Oh, and some nights I make designs, which you can even buy as merchandise on Redbubble.


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